Key note speaking:


  • Presentation includes Bradley’s story. (Undercover with Mandelas Spies, the story of the boy who crossed the square)
  • How to use your personal journey, past failures and challenges to impact others and the world.
  • Moving forward, how to work towards healing from trauma with daily life tools and lifecraft.
  • Living with PTSD and mental health.
  • How to use your life’s purpose in your leadership roles to serve others & give back


  • Terrorism Recognition, Awareness and Community Prevention Situational security awareness (How we all can protect our communities against malevolence, mass violence and terrorism)
  • Community active shooter training (Corporate and community)
  • How to knock fear on its ear
  • How to protect your family at home and on vacation

Media Contributor and subject matter expert:

  • Geopolitical security expert
  • Sub Saharan African security expert
  • National Security expert
  • African National Congress expert
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