Bradley "Hawk" Steyn

Bradley “Hawk” Steyn infiltrated the apartheid regime as an undercover operative for Nelson Mandela’s liberation movement, risking his life to serve the African National Congress from within. 

Now a leading security expert, Steyn draws on his clandestine and security experiences fighting injustice alongside Mandela in the riveting bestseller Undercover with Mandela’s Spies. 

As CEO of Hawk Associates, Steyn travels the world advising corporations, governments, and NPOs on security. He continues to advocate for mental health, anti-racism, and anti-corruption efforts, working to foster a just South Africa. With unparalleled insider knowledge, Steyn provides invaluable insights to strengthen security capabilities. 

He also brings inspiring African stories to the world through film and TV production through African Lightning Media. 

Bradley is available for public speaking and team building consultation. Contact Bradley via WhatsApp below.

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